Cape Cod Frosty 2018 Nationals

New Castle, New Hampshire; April 28-28, 2018

The Cape Cod Frosty Class Nationals for 2018 were held in the waters near the Kittery Point Yacht Club in New Castle, NH on April 28 and 29, 2018. Saturday provided light West to South-West breeze to start the day, with beautiful sunny skies and the incoming tide was ripping as usual. The predicted East to South-East wind materialized with a 180 degree snap just as a race was about to begin. 18 sailors competed. Saturday evening included grilled food, salads and a variety of beverages at the Kittery Point Yacht Club. Sunday brought cold rain and a very light and variable wind. PRO Josh Hill did an excellent job figuring out where and when the breeze was going to settle long enough for the racers to get in 3 races (2 dashes and W1) before the bay drained and the sun went down. When the numbers were tallied the winner of this year's Cape Cod Frosty Nationals was long time Frosty racer, sailmaker, boat builder and ambassador of the class Bruno Paciulli. The Fleet 9 leadership was passed to Brendan Cooney.

2018 results table